Questions beginners - how to start a business in the garage Perhaps the most simple and accessible platform for opening your own business is a garage. Of course, it would not be proper to say that every family has it, but still their number is large enough, plus if You do not, then to rent it is simple enough. The second is a huge plus for these premises is that by and large the business is not cause for concern Your family.

Remains one global question, what business ideas are suitable for use in the garage?

The most common and perhaps not the most correct answer will be a car repair, or something related to the automobile business. Why business ideas automotive subjects are not the best options for business in the garage ?

First, everything changes today and garage repairs are not just losing popularity, but blatantly ignored by motorists. Still, the cars are expensive and poor maintenance (namely stereotype exists) cost the owner much more expensive. Plus don’t forget that the usual shell is simply unable to provide the necessary area for the normal operation of auto locksmiths. Secondly, a huge competition. On the market for the mass of all potential lovers and if You become a regular, the profitability is far from guaranteed.

More attractive and look successful business ideas production. Of course, the size and conditions will not be allowed out on industrial scale (although anything can happen), but with the growing popularity of luxury goods garage production has very good chances to become a successful business, even in a trivial shell.

What business ideas production could start in the garage ?

Actually a great many options consider a few examples:


The first option for business – making garden figurines. The process of manufacture of such statuettes made of concrete or gypsum simple and the required hardware is small enough. With small volumes is quite possible will be placed in a regular box. By the way on initial investments business idea too, a couple of thousand dollars and you can start a business and in the garage.

The second option is casting metal products. As a possible variant for the manufacture of tin soldiers, door handles, weights for fishing gear and so on. The range of such products is very high, in fact the technology induced a small electric furnace melting, which, incidentally, make, about this there are a lot of materials, forms continue to do or make a copy of the finished product and the output is the finished product. The main condition is the presence of the three phases in Your box or shell.

The third option is the manufacture of magnets for the fridge. For this idea of small business does not require much space, and particularly “cool” equipment too, the gap between small shop and releasing small batches of magnets under seasonal orders in Your town can earn pretty well.

Option four – art cutting foam. The area required for opening a business fit and a regular shell, actually the special conditions is not necessary, the main disadvantage is the need to buy expensive equipment. Although under normal load such a business in the garage pays for itself rather quickly. The essence of the idea is quite simple, we buy blocks of Styrofoam and cut out the desired elements, again working directly with retailers and under her orders, as an example, Roman columns of foam. By the way most shops engaged by the production of foam is not engaged in a sharp, volume is important for them and they earn on it. A slightly different idea associated with creativity and opening your own business in the garage here .

Option five – frosting glass. The essence of this business idea boils down to the usual painting on glass with sandblasting. By the way to draw to be honest in this business do not have, de facto originally ordered a stencil, which then formed the pattern. In practice 5 or 6 of these paintings in a month can provide You an average salary, I think not bad for a week’s work.

Presents five options for starting a business in the garage, of course not conclusive, but they are in my business practice actually worked and brought not bad money for their owners. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and get all the news first.

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