Business ideas I offer cooperation in the field of agriculture. Looking for vendors for parts, components, equipment, salesopedia in exchange for manufactured metal products for cattle, horses, pigs, animals and birds. L La cattle: stall dividers tethered or.

Looking for investments in the form of loan or equity for working capital and the development of fast food chains in Izhevsk. We have an exclusive franchise on the Udmurt Republic. The start was 25.12.2013 g, began with two outlets and one time at the time of the.

Looking for an investor to open persistent dentistry. Type of investment: financial (loans, equity participation, etc.), equity participation, etc. Tangible assets (equipment, real estate, etc.): equipment, real estate. Intellectual (technology, know-how, etc.).

Need an investor, a partner with the investment. A business from scratch. Scope: virtual reality. For our region, especially peripheral cities, the idea of a new, self-supporting, respectively, the fast, the amount of investment – from 2 million rubles Consider both investor and reliable partner.

Looking for partners, investors, service and light trucks cab. Attracted funds on favorable terms. There is a beautiful phone numbers, and software. The experience of doing this business for 8 years, the strategy for the shortest output taxi on profit. Studied everything.  

We invite you to invest in a working business car rental. You, as an investor, invest in a car purchase that will work in our distribution company. The costs and revenues of the vehicle are divided 60/40 between us. Ie, 60% goes to you.

Looking for an investor. Offer to invest in growing business in Armenia and sales of rare species of domestic birds: quail, Guinea fowl, peacocks, etc. Delivery will be made in the upscale shops of the Russian Federation and abroad. Legal issues can be easily solved. The area for.

Promising business, based on the children’s goods – a profitable investment. In our hands already have an existing trading network with a well-known trademark that has operations in many countries around the world. Become our business partner.

NP environmental holding company manufactures and supplies stationary complexes that process of construction (including bitumen) waste and sludge in the region. Analogues in Russia and the world. the granting of monopoly rights to operate B.

The new format of earnings – nanotechnology. What we offer to sell? Unique product – waterproof anti-corrosion coating. To sell our products easily. We invite to cooperation of enterprising people who understand what nanotechnology.

Start your own profitable business! Manufacturer of equipment for mounting screw and drilled piles invites enterprising entrepreneurs. With the advent of installations to tighten the piles opened the way to a highly profitable business for small businesses.

Cooperation with our company is your earning new business. Why are we so confident in your success? Because we believe in their products! Five factors of stable income, which we offer up to now: an Individual approach to each partner.

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