11The financial crisis has plunged the West relatively recently, about a year ago. In our country grew confident that the crisis will pass us by. The government has made every effort to create reserves. As such, the crisis has not come, however unpleasant the thought of his possible appearance excites the heads of many entrepreneurs. Only the strongest remain at this critical moment afloat and can more or less be in the market for goods and services. While weak and unclaimed forced to leave the market to search for new ideas and solutions. However, it should be noted that during the crisis period, it is possible to earn good money. Therefore at this time especially prized effective business idea into a crisis that can generate income. It is the ideas of business during the crisis, the focus of this article.

Another acute problem is the implementation of a specific set of manufactured products during the crisis. The reason for this is the inability of the buyer to buy the product to test it. And it is a vicious circle. You propose something, and the buyer is afraid and does not buy your product or service. There is no exchange process and the economy stops. But there is quite a logical way out of this situation. Once you give a sample of the product or service totally free. And if the buyer will be happy with the purchase, and your popularity will increase significantly. Accordingly there will be rumors about the quality that you provide and all other buyers will be interested in acquiring a certain type of goods or services. But this idea works for those companies or institutions that despite the crisis want to stay afloat and healthy.

Below are ideas of business in crisis. Or how can I make money on the crisis?

First, whatever the crisis is associated with fear and uncertainty in the future. Especially his fear those who caught crisis a turning point in 1998. In those years many people have lost a lot of money, so the thought of the upcoming repetition especially scares them. Lately most of the citizens of our country are accustomed to a stable financial environment. It is for these people, you can create various trainings and seminars that will be devoted to the topics of earnings during the crisis. Also good idea is the production of specialized training programs for successful business in a crisis. This product can be sold on the Internet and earn money for its special relevance. But in order that the product was popular, you just need to study in detail and to understand the structure of the 1998 crisis. Also it is useful to analyze the origin, development and termination of crises in other countries for other time periods. Read relevant literature in Economics and psychology. Only then can you begin developing recommendations for overcoming the approaching crisis. And very importantly, advice and guidance must be correct and justified, otherwise no benefit that your product will bring neither you nor the person who bought him.

Secondly, the crisis makes people great interest and need for knowledge about what awaits them in the near future. Therefore, it is possible to earn good money just giving people the small amount of information that they need. And for the knowledge they will pay the money. Special demand will benefit those resources and sources where correctly laid analysis of past crises. And where will logically be justified assumptions about the coming crisis. On this basis, you are required to conduct a detailed analysis once and for a long time to get from the dividends.

Money can be earned even in the most difficult crisis situation, giving to those who need it the amount of information and knowledge. And also, ways out of the crisis and rational solutions for overcoming the current problematic situation. Conclusion: help people and get paid!


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