Business on a 3D printerBusiness on a 3D printer – how to make money, where to start?

In this section we publish materials that help entrepreneurs: business ideas, Internet services, Analytics… And, of course, talk about the promising startups.

In this section You will find:

tips for 3D business;

trends and trends in the industry of 3D printing;

history of successful projects are examples that can and should be guided;

marketing Analytics, studies and forecasts;

information about the web services that will help in business;

business ideas for 3D printers, scanners and other similar products. We choose projects that really can be implemented in Russia – and EARN!

3D printer, with a little imagination, courage, a couple of ideas with 3Dwiki You open a successful business in promising sectors of the three-dimensional printing!

3D printer and business in Russia

Sometimes you don’t need to invent anything – just to see how others work, and to do the same.

You have decided that the Foundation of Your business will be 3D-printer? Then take a look at the experience of foreign pioneers. They just beat us – they ALREADY have ideas, they have acquired equipment that made the first error and earned millions of dollars. Why not repeat their success?

Examples of good practice – in front of You!

Project selection

On constantly there are stories about startups, profitable and promising. This business ideas that do not require huge initial capital or government support. Small and medium business people here, on which we focus.

If You want to discuss a business plan or just talk about 3D printing with people who are interested in this topic, register on our forum !

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