In order to start your own business, don’t need much. Originally simply passionate desire to earn, hard work and dedication. If you’ve decided that as much as before, to live simply, and your business ideas, accumulated over the years in my head, just have to be implemented – it’s time to start working.

There is nothing impossible for those who have a desire to earn. You hear about people starting their own business with little stalls or, for example, with garage converted to shop? In order to start making money, not necessarily to have a huge starting capital. You can organize your own small business in your garage, without buying expensive franchise and not acquire employees. Initially will be quite a tiny portion of the investments, readily available materials and common technical areas, like the basement or garage.

What kind of business to open in the garage? Let us consider a simple but effective options available to absolutely everyone.

Is it possible today so-called “garage business”?

If you are a professional car mechanic and just tired of working for peanuts, enriching someone else’s uncle, then you certainly often come to mind ideas about starting a business. There is a garage, hands and head, too – try to start from scratch. Is this real? Quite!

Properly distributing the workspace, organizing specialized car repair, which does not require virtually no cost except your skills, you will eventually be able to create your own clientele and even to aspire to become a successful entrepreneur. But all this later. But first you must solve the dilemma: “Business in the garage – it’s a myth or reality?”.

Worried about the legality conceived? If you want initially just to practice without documented their activities, so to speak, to get accustomed to the clientele, to weigh the demand for this service and then the service is needed for opening documents and can be postponed. In the future, as this issue is solved without too much difficulty.

Business facilities are in the garage is another matter, and to him we shall return. The same goes for the payback period.

Business in the garage is a real way to make money in an hour when all other methods are not so effective.

How to open a business in the sale of automotive parts? Please read here .

How to use the garage for business?

There are plenty of ideas for small business in the garage, and they are not new! Good thought, you will realize that in the garage, you can build a mini car, to convert it to a merchant, to establish a plant for the production of furniture, to announce the season of storing tires, tires, bicycles, etc., you can Also rent a garage to rent for a decent monthly fee.

Still don’t believe that the garage can be very effective to use for earning money? Here is an example: in St. Petersburg long been an amazing art space — contemporary art gallery, organized in a conventional garage. Amazing, isn’t it. Among the dozens of gray, outrageously similar to each other garages, who somehow managed to place art gallery. Based on inexhaustible crowds storming creative exhibition of contemporary artists, we can assume that it is more than beneficial! What then needed costs? All what did the owner of the miracle of the garage is painted it bright colors, thoroughly cleaned the room so made shelves for the exhibition “exhibits”. All!

Judge for yourself, a lot of effort, time and money spent on the people, and that he now has.

The body shop in the garage with his hands – one of the proven methods!

In order to open a repair shop, you need time to prepare. If you immediately decide to legalize their activities, then you will need to take the certificate of conformity, which gives the right to perform specified types of work, and conclude the contract with the Chairman of the cooperative that owns the garage. Another important aspect will be the resolution of the CPS.

As to the licensing of these services, starting in 2011 for car-care centers, such a procedure is no longer required.

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