6 the craziest business ideas! How is it that someone comes to mind is the idea of the business that all other well, just seems crazy and not entitled to success, as it (the idea) shoots and makes its generator a millionaire or even billionaire? Why do some people decide on the implementation itself that eat insane idea … and win, and others for years looking for “his” idea and lose over and over again?

What it is – a special vision, superhuman belief in success, some quality is the founder of which there is only him and no one else? What is the reason?

Happy accident entrepreneur

My personal opinion (IMHO) much depends on the case. Yes, many businesses at the start was not intended by their creators as successful. Just all grown together, as the saying goes: “at the right time and in the right place”.

Please understand me correctly in order to succeed in business you need to possess many of the qualities of an entrepreneur, no doubt. But luck, fortune,… must be present.

The example is not out of business – cooperative “Lake”. We’ll see who the participants in the past currently holds public office?

Do You think many people would be out of statesmen were now at the peak of his success, if not the case allowed them to successfully enter the composition of shareholders of the cooperative? While Mr. Miller before I was to head Gazprom who worked side by side in St. Petersburg?

Want an example out of business? If you please. One of my friend holding my cigarette money back in 2000, in 2001 accidentally met on the street of his College friend and who had links (relative) on one large enterprise.

Word for word, but they took advantage of this relationship, create businesses, and in a few years my friend became a dollar millionaire. A chance meeting.

The passion of the entrepreneur

Many startups begin with the passion of their creators. Passion allows for many those who win do not pay attention to the seeming madness of the idea that all the others is obvious.

Because really, how stupid looks like an ordinary fisherman half a day sitting out on the shore in the desire to catch a couple of plotwise the size of a child’s hand?

Perhaps he will one day caught a big fish cried out with the white light: “IDE”. and it will take to work on Central television.

This is an example and passion of a fisherman.

As in the above example, I with the fisherman, entrepreneurs start their business, which is quite obvious… and win.

The team of “crazy”

You are doubly lucky if you suddenly will find not only the passion to some crazy business, but will find the same “crazy” is able to believe in you and in your “crazy” idea.

As a rule, to realize the idea, and the more crazy you must have a team of like-minded people who believe in this idea with the same passion as you.

Here are some “crazy” ideas that were counted at the start of the business many of the townsfolk, and who made their generators very rich people:

Pet Rock

Now picture this: 1975, a bar with a few friends “thumps as an adult and as usual at a bachelor party, pour out each other’s soul.

Suddenly the conversation with wives and girlfriends goes to Pets (thumps same devils). As all the team are starting to complain about their dogs and cats. And hanging out with them and need to care, but in General these dogs-cats not their passion, and their wives and everyone is already pretty tired.

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The most sober (judging by the results) from this company was one of Gary Dahl. Almost jokingly he suggested: “Sell their dogs and cats, and instead take you to the house of stuffed animals.” All laughed and forgot.

But Gary this unexpected idea is not forgotten. Further reflection led him to the conclusion that the stuffed animals many will like. Still, this is reminiscent of the death of the animal. Then Harry remembered. You need to make Pets from… rocks!

Now imagine that you can think of such an idea and you go to your loved ones with the exclamation: “Mom, dad (wife, husband) I want to become a millionaire selling stone dogs “! Oops??

Do you think that will tell your loved ones? Cause they psychiatrist immediately or get back to you? I would have called immediately.

However, Gary did not calm down and established business, offering everyone a stone cats-dogs. Well, nonsense, pure nonsense!

This first sight nonsense in a few years made Gary a dollar millionaire and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the city.

The most remarkable thing that Harry sold together with stones, stone houses for dogs and even instructions … attention, stand, not fall… the instructions on training the stone cats / dogs.

Well, what can I say?

Polihroniade life


Not only that, you all events fix with the help of photographs, but also store them and then posting. This came up Swedish innovators and not lost.

Creating a small device that attaches to the shirt collar or lapel, and selling it at $279 guys for a few years managed to earn several million dollars.

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The success story of Mark Zuckerberg’s stuffed mouth. Written volumes of research and scientific works” but I still give it as an example. You know why?

Yes, because during the loud processions on the planet of social network MySpace to create virtually equivalent and even more hope for success – this is crazy.

But mark took a chance (I suspect he was not going to risk it, and just did what he liked)… and became a world famous grave digger and a thriving social network MySpace.


Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist business (eng. Craigslist, literally – catalog Craig named after the founder) in 1995 selling for a small fee places on your website, for the possibility of placing promotional offers, and dreamed about big business.

He had no idea that his business many years will be not just successful, and topping. Craig just did what he was interested. In fact Newmark created one of the first free classified ad, where anyone can submit a job listing, buying apartments, cars, etc.

Starting with a few dozen simple ads (by the way, the site design has not changed since creation) site today handles up to 20 billion page views per month.

How much you ask like this “site” earn?

Analysts and commentators report different numbers of annual income site craigslist.org ranging from $ 10 million in 2004, $ 20 million in 2005 and $ 25 million in 2006 to perhaps $ 150 million in 2007. On income in 2014, it’s frightening to think. )


Another crazy idea is to create a payment system, which would be trusted by millions of users worldwide. After all, for the execution of payment transactions in the PayPal system, each user must transfer all your credit card details.

Can you imagine? Not now, when the service turns his billions is not hard to imagine, but at the dawn of the business, many shook his temple and would accurately would say, pointing at the founders Peter Thiel and Elon musk – “schizo”.

Add to this story yet, “pepper”: it is about 90-ies, when wide literacy of the population of the planet while dealing with virtual payments were not, and in simple language – Oh how was tight.

As of 2014 PayPal operates in 203 countries, has more than 137 million registered users. Past “crazy” founding fathers today bring them millions in profits each year.

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Another and very revealing story of insanity – Amazon.com Again we have to repeat that all smart and know how much and how does this online store, but imagine the distant 1994.

Who then thought to sell books over the Internet? To sell books over the Internet, when every step in any city had dozens of bookstores and people mostly read books in paper form.

But there is such a person – Jeff Bezos, who “hooked up” with this business. “Hooked up” and not lost. As of 2013, the company earned $274 million net profit.


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