5 crazy Business Ideas Here is a list of 5 unexpected business ideas . which brought a lot of money and popularity to its creators:

1000×1000 pixels, the cost of advertising is$ 1 per pixel — perhaps this is one of the most pointless ideas online business that you can think of. But due to this the idea of a business, its Creator, 21-year-old Alex TEW now a millionaire!

Email Santa Claus

Okay, what do you think about this phenomenal business idea. Get the mailing address at the North Pole, pretending to be Santa Claus and taken from the parents$ 10 for each letter of their beloved children. Thus Byron Reese sent more than 200,000 letters from the beginning of its business in 2001, which made him a couple million dollars richer!

Sunglasses for dogs

To create sunglasses for dogs and sell through the Internet? Look, this is crazy, not ideas for business! How can this be managed, and even to own stores around the world? I just don’t understand.

Monks who refill cartridges

LaserMonks.com created in favor of donations Cisarskeho of Abhista in spring behncke, USA. This is the monastery of 8 monks in the hills of Monroe, 90 miles North of Madison. Yes, it is really, the monks will you fill the cartridge. Aleluya! Sales for the year 2005 reached 2.5 million dollars!

Toys for antennas on cars

You will not be able to sell toys for antennas. In no case. And it certainly will not be able to make you rich. But this is exactly the point of the business that Jason wall designed and brought to life, and he is now a millionaire!

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